Spanish Babes Greatest Online Flirters

Hear, hear, all ye schmucks on a priapaic tear – Spanish women are the greatest online flirters.

No, we are not making that up.

A social networking site we’ve never heard of (Badoo), which claims to have done a global study on this super-important subject, says Spanish women are over twice as likely as American women to “make the first move” with the opposite sex.

Apparently, American women are among the “least flirtatious” in the world. It seems even babes from that cold country north of us (Canada, for you dimwits) flirt far more.

Only women in Ecuador flirt less.

Apparently, an average American woman initiates contact with just 0.63 men per month.

Sati Savitris, eh. 😉

And you dolts thought all American babes were c*nts waiting to drop their skirts, lift their blouses and more.

Shows how little you putzheads know.

Study of 90 Million Connections
Badoo says its conclusions on flirtatious tendencies are based on analysis of over 90 million contacts made on the site.

While Spain tops the World Flirtation League, next come Poland, the Dominican Republic, Italy and Argentina.

By the way, women in Anglo-Saxon countries are supposed to be far less flirtatious than those in Latin ones. Really?

Latin countries (speaking Spanish, Italian or Portuguese) occupy eight of the top 10 places.

Why is that? Must be something the girls eat in those countries.

Canada is the only English-speaking country to make the top ten, coming in at ninth place.

Shame, Indian girls are not in the Top 20. 🙁

Since y’all have lots of time to waste, here look at the below chart:

World Flirtation* Score means the number of female-to-male contacts per month initiated by the average woman in that country. For example, Spain’s score of 1.33 means the average Spanish woman initiates 1.33 contacts with a man per month.

Wow, a really educating study.

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