Sweet, the Four Witches Lose

Ha ha ha, the four crazy witches of the Republican and/or Tea Party – Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina – have lost.

Folks, that’s cause for celebration despite the Democrats loss of the House.

* Meg Whitman spent over $160 million and still lost. Some things money can buy and for the rest there’s Jerry Brown. Shows there are some sane elements still left in California. 😉

* Sharron Angle wanted to get rid of the Department of Education. Voters got rid of her.

* Carly Fiorina was fired from HP/Compaq for doing a bad job. California voters made sure they wouldn’t have to fire her again.

* Christine is, of course, the infamous lady from the I-am-not-witch ad.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid retained his seat, despite a stiff challenge from Sharron Angle.

Now lies a tough battle – to prevent President Obama from moving to the Center or, worse, the Right in his anticipated modus vivendi effort to work with the Republican majority in the House.

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