Action Replayy Review – Humans, Please Stay Away

Our Bollywood film-makers are so incompetent that the morons can’t even do a good job of stealing.

Y’all can deny it till you are blue in the face but the basic plot of Action Replayy is a bad hash of the 1985 Hollywood film Back to the Future, which we watched recently.

Problems Galore
Action Replayy suffers from problems galore.

* They have stolen a fairly entertaining story from Back to the Future and made a hopeless, nausea-inducing mess of it by focusing almost exclusively on love to the exclusion of everything else.

Action Replayy’s story in its essence is that of a marriage-averse young man hopping into the time machine of his girlfriend’s inventor grandpa and hopping off to 1975 in hopes of making his constantly-quarreling parents’ marriage a love marriage.

Back to the Future has a multi-layered story that besides focusing on the young man’s back to the past adventure also looks at his parents, the Doc, the bullies, the problem of returning back to the present and so on.

Alas, in Action Replayy, the bullies have been turned into cartoons.

* Second, they have hired one of the worst actresses in Bollywood a.k.a Aishwarya Rai to play the female lead.

Folks, Aishwarya Rai is the kiss of death for a movie.

The woman can’t act. Period.

Particularly in closeup scenes, she looks terrible with her weird substitution of what she deludes herself as acting.

The hag is absolutely graceless, particularly so in the dancing scenes.

* Third, the music is below par.

Moments out of the theater, it’s hard to recollect one song for its beauty.

* Fourth, the Time Machine in Action Replayy is one of the ugliest time machines we’ve seen in a movie. A time machine that’s supposed to break the sound barrier looks like it’s built with some metal strings.

Au contraire, a sleek DeLorean car served as the time machine in Back to the Future.

* Picturization of every song-dance scenes is awful.

* Which schmuck picked the costumes? We’d like to know so that we know where to aim our .357 magnum.

* Pray, what purpose does Nehu Dhupia serve in the film?

Guys, we could go on ad nauseum, ad infinitum but the bottom line is that Action Replayy is an unwatchable horror show.

One of the sole saving graces of this ugly piece of trash is Akshay Kumar, who seems to be doing his best to salvage this junk. Sadly, in vain.

But Akshay Kumar also bears considerable responsibility for associating himself with such shitty scripts for the sake of a few silver coins.

Aditya Roy Kapoor as the son Bunty is alright as are Om Puri, Kirron Kher and Rajpal Yadav but in the big picture they don’t amount to a hill of beans. Nehu Dhupia is her usual hideous self.

Folks, unless you are convinced that you are not of the homo sapiens race, stay away from this turd-pile a.k.a. Action Replayy. This one certainly is not for humans.

Stay at home, sleep, wank off or do whatever you little twits do in your free time but do not even consider seeing this nonsense.

Action Replayy screams nay begs to be shown the middle-finger.

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