Drat, Solid State Drives Still Too Expensive

Solid state drives are one of the hottest trends in the PC and notebook industry.

Leading industry names including Apple, Lenovo and HP are rolling out computers based on solid state drives instead of the traditional hard disk drives with their spinning parts.

Yet, prices of solid state drives are falling too slowly for our liking.

Faster, Lighter, Quieter
For all ye schmucks, solid state drives are faster, lighter, quieter, draw less power, last longer and have no moving parts.

Obviously, traditional hard disk drives that store the data in 99% of the world’s computers are the opposite.

One of the key players in the solid state drive business is Intel, which today rolled out a new solid state drive and cut prices on some of its older drives.

Despite the price cuts, the solid state drives are still too expensive and we don’t see these drives making their way into PCs or laptops in large numbers anytime soon at these price points.

Intel’s new X-25M 120GB solid state drive costs a whopping $249. In comparison, a 1TB Seagate Barracuda traditional hard drive with nearly 10-times the capacity of the new Intel drive costs $65 (source: Amazon.com).

Here are the prices for some of Intel’s other solid state drives: X25-V 40GB – $99; X25-M 80GB – $199; X25-M 160GB – $415.

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