Tasty Bite Jaipur Vegetables Review – Taste-Less Shit

We are suckers for deals and promotions.

This evening we were prowling the aisles of our local Food Lion grocery store in a mid-Atlantic state in the U.S. when our eyes fell on a sign advertising a promotion – Two Tasty Bite heat-and-eat curry packets for $5 (regular price $2.99 each).

Pronto, we purchased two Tasty Bite packets (of different flavors): Jaipur Vegetables and Punjabi Eggplant.

Jaipur Vegetables

Two green chillies were prominently positioned in the picture on the packet (see above) and the bottom had the slogan SPICE IT UP suggesting in all a spicy delight.

Since our purpose at the Food Lion store was to buy Seltzer water for our daily Gin, we smacked our lips at the pleasure that lay ahead of us soon.

You see, the plan we’d quickly hatched was to use the supposedly Spicy Jaipur Vegetables as an accompaniment for our preprandial drink.

Alas, one spoon of this Jaipur Vegetables and a volley of curses emerged from our mouth. *^@#^%&*#@

Badly Duped
Notwithstanding the green chilli pictures and the Spice It Up slogan on the box, iJaipur Vegetables is a bland creamy shit.

A spice-neutered, unappetizing junk.

Not in the least bit spicy, we have serious doubts whether any chillies even went into the Tasty Bites Jaipur Vegetables’ preparation.

Indian food can sometimes be tasty and flavorful even if it’s not spicy but this Tasty Bite garbage was not fit even for hogs.

Folks, if ever you come across Tasty Bite Jaipur Vegetables curry packet in the grocery aisles of your local Patel Bros or Apna Bazaar don’t just raise your middle finger, raise your entire fist at the cheating rascals.

By the way, this Tasty Bite Jaipur Vegetables shit is imported into the U.S. by a chutia company called Preferred Brands Intl in Stamford, CT.

Now if you schmucks will excuse us we’re in a foul mood and only a third drink and, of course, the peerless Ennio Morricone’s Il Trio Infernale can soothe our frayed nerves.

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