Irreversible Review – Interesting, Brutally Violent Film

Sometimes a woman’s pleasure is the pleasure the man feels.
– Monica Bellucci’s character Alex in the French film Irreversible

Tired as we are of Indian movie junk like Vettaikaran, Action Replayy, Enthiran et al, this evening we poured ourselves a large gin and plonked down to watch the French film Irreversible via Netflix streaming.

Be warned now all ye schmucks.

Irreversible is not for the squeamish and certainly not for the desi chutias who come only at the sight of our worthless Indian starlets flaunting their titties, thighs and other parts of their anatomy. There’s plenty of violence and lots of nudity here.

A French film that debuted in 2002, Irreversible is directed by Gaspar Noé and features strong performances by its three main characters Vince Cassel, Monica Bellucci and Albert Dupontel.

Besides the intense violence, full nudity, a graphic rape scene and racially charged dialogs, Irreversible is also different in its non-linear narrative structure that has the movie moving along in reverse chronological sequence.

Disorienting Beginning
The start of the movie seemed weird to us with all the odd camera angles, unusual music and the strange dialog between the two characters (one completely nude and the other fully dressed) in the room.

Just as we were wondering what the fu** all this was about the movie started gathering steam and never let up till the end.

So folks, if you are put off by the first 20 minutes or so we suggest that you persevere and not switch off the TV. We’re confident the movie will grow upon you as it did in our case.

The movie also starts to makes sense as you go more backward into the film.

The violent rape scene is the longest we’ve seen on the screen. Very disturbing but very well handled.

The beautiful Monica Bellucci and her real-life husband Vince Cassel play their parts extremely well as does Albert Dupontel.

Cassel brings a frenetic energy to his role as the enraged boyfriend Marcus in search of revenge for the brutal rape of his girlfriend Alex (Monica Bellucci) that leavers her face battered and in a coma.

Monica Bellucci is no stranger to us. We liked the immensely sensual woman in Malena and loved her in Irreversible as well. 😉

It’s hard to sustain viewer interest in a film when you are proceeding backward but director Gaspar Noé (also the writer and editor) does an exemplary job.

Although strongly disturbing in parts, strongly recommends Irreversible to all lovers of good cinema.

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