French It, Baby & Other Cute ‘French’ Expressions

As part of our continuing education of all ye schmucks, we’re gonna introduce y’all to a few charming ‘French’ expressions today and in the process man up your vocabulary.

Are you ready?

* French Kiss – The kinda kiss we all love. In fact, the only kiss worth giving or getting. When you put your tongue in your partner’s mouth, that’s a French kiss.

* French Disease – Where the French are concerned, the stereotypes abound vis-a-vis sex, romance, affairs, adultery and the like. Our source explains French disease as an euphemism for venereal disease, particularly syphilis.

* French Pox – See above.

* French Letter – A French Letter is what the smart ‘uns would use to lessen the chances of catching French disease. Still don’t get it, schmucks? A French Letter is merely an euphemism for a condom.

* French Tickler – A French tickler is what adventurous couples would want in bed. It’s a condom with extra protrusions designed to enhance pleasure.

* French Cricket – A type of cricket played by kids where the batsmen’s legs are the wickets.

* French Knickers – Brewer’s describes French knickers as ‘loose-fitting, wide-legged women’s knickers that are usually trimmed with lace and generally made of silk or satin.’

* Frenchman – See French Disease

* French Dressing – Oh, no. Not what you Urban Dictionary obsessed types think. 😉 Just a kind of salad dressing that has an oil and vinegar base.

* French Devil – Refers to the French admiral Jean Bart who was supposedly a terror to the British shipping.

* French Leave – Depart or leave without permission.

* French it, Baby – Ah, finally for one of our old favorites. French it, baby is what a man would command his girl-friend or gay friend to do to heighten his ecstasy. In plain English, it’s a demand for a blowjob. We owe knowledge of this expression to an old friend in India for whom this was an idee fixe in yesteryears.

Source: Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (18th edition) and SI’s general knowledge

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