What’s the Big Deal about Times Square?

Show me where your people gather and we’ll tell you where your country and planet is headed.
– The Wise Souls of SearchIndia.com

What is it about Times Square in New York City that has the tourists, both foreign and domestic, swarming the place in droves?

Any time you go to the area, the place is a pedestrian’s nightmare.

Not on account of the cars, buses or cabs but because of the teeming crowds that makes it hard to pass through the place.

Times Square NYCTimes Square – December 2003 around 11PM

The other day a friend visiting from India and staying at a high-priced hotel in Times Square mentioned the area was full of life, full of energy.


We looked around to see if we were missing something and all we saw were lines of stores and humongous billboards everywhere.

Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock, Sony, Budweiser, Swatch, Samsung…they are all there in the form of stores or on towering billboards in a sad testament to the relentless consumerist age we live in.

Times Square NYCTimes Square – December 2009

Over the last decade or so, we’ve gone to Times Square at different times.

Morning, evening and late night, as the pictures document.

Any time we’re there, we’re assailed by the huge crowds. To be sure, some of the crowds could be the Broadway theater goers.

But that still doesn’t explain the large crowds.

Times Square NYCTimes Square – October 2010

Like zombies, the crowds keep coming.

Future generations will likely marvel that people used to throng this area just to gawk at some monstrous billboards and ugly lighted buildings.

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