Mr.President, Winning the Future is Fine & Dandy; But What About Now?

In his second State of the Union address, our President Obama tonight waxed eloquent about Innovation, High-Speed Internet, Clean Energy, High-Speed Trains and Winning the Future.

“This is our generation’s Sputnik moment,” Obama boldly declared in the State of the Union address tonight.

But what the leader of the free world neglected to address was what his administration would do in the near term to tackle the severe crises buffeting the nation now – foremost among them the unemployment crisis.

Countless new jobs in the future is great but what about the 16+ million who are unemployed now.

Talking grandiosely of the jobs coming via trade deals with China, India and South Korea is hogwash meant to bamboozle the gullible American people.

Mr.President, try telling that the ‘worst of the recession is over’ to the millions of Americans struggling on the margins. Whatever you are smoking, could we have some of that weed please.

Folks, the only way to do create jobs in America at this juncture is to impose heavy tariffs on imports from China and drastically slash outsourcing of services to India and get rid of the H1B/L1 Coolie Visas.

The rest is piffle, mere words.

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