U.S. Restaurants Still Struggling

Hard times continue for U.S. restaurants, including, of course, Indian dining establishments in NYC and elsewhere.

The recession has taken a severe toll on restaurants forcing several to close or offer discounts and specials.

And now comes news that the bad times for restaurants are not only not disappearing but things could even get worse.

Market researcher Mintel has found from its surveys that 24% of restaurant-goers plan to spend less at restaurants in 2011 than they did last year.

According to Mintel’s director of foodservice research Eric Giandelone:

Even with the economy on the mend, consumers are still very cautious about increasing their restaurant spending. The restaurant industry grew 2.1% to reach $403.5 billion last year, but if restaurant-goers reduce how much they spend when they eat out, or only spend as much as they did last year, restaurants could have a slow recovery ahead of them.

Only 10% are expected to spend more this year.

Indian restaurants too are struggling. Hello, anybody surprised? Who in their right minds (except Indians with their preference for all things weird) would eat those smelly curries and sticky Gulab Jamuns?

Several NYC Indian restaurants have shut down and others are offering big discounts in desperate hopes of getting diners into the door. We expect more NYC Indian restaurants to kiss the dust.

Since most Indian restaurants treat Indian diners cavalierly and with mucho disdain and sometimes even serve spoiled food, let’s not shed any tears for these struggling bozos.

Why are Restaurants Struggling?
The primary reasons are the recession/shaky economy and high unemployment.

So, they’re increasingly doing the hitherto unimaginable – eating at home.

Restaurant consulting firm Technomic Inc’s executive VP Darren Tristano told the AP the other day:

People are becoming not only accustomed to eating at home, they’re enjoying it. They can sit in front of their 50-inch flat-screens and not have to tip a waiter.

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