India Digest – Indian Beasts Find Thrill in Rape

As Indians start to make a little money to eat two meals a day and buy a few clothes to cover their private parts, some of them are exhibiting weird and violent behavior.

You can’t open an Indian newspaper these days without reading of yet another rape or molestation.

No, we’re not making it up.

Here are a few headlines we’ve culled from Indian newspapers over just the last few days:

* 24-yr-old accountant raped in Ghaziabad
(Indian Express)

* Man rapes HIV victim; held
(Deccan Herald)

* UP: Girl’s limb chopped off for resisting rape
(India Today)

* Guard rapes 3-year-old in school, victim identifies rapist’
(Times of India)

* ‘I was slapped, stripped and molested by policemen’
(Times of India)

* Friend, 2 others held for raping schoolgirl
(Hindustan Times)

* Girl gang-raped in Auraiyya
(Times of India)

* Thrissur Rape Victim Dies
(The Hindu)

* BPO employee molested near Dhaula Kuan

Mind you, the above headlines cover just a few days. Rape and violence are a fact of life in India, with the victims often getting no justice.

As we’ve cautioned in the past, tourists to India ought to think twice, thrice before they believe in those stupid Incredible India campaigns and embark on an Indian vacation.

In the event, foreign tourists still plan to visit India we strongly recommend they keep a mace, Taser gun and rape survival kit handy. And do not expect justice at the hands of the Indian policemen, who on many occasions have turned rapists themselves.

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