Seen the YouTube Video with 300 MILLION Views?

Surely all ye wastrels must have seen countless YouTube videos while pretending to work at your cubicles.

But can any of you point to an amateur video that has garnered over 300 million views, yes schmucks that’s 300 million plus views.

No idea?

Folks, the video is Charlie Bit Me. And it’s among the Top 5 most watched YouTube videos (as of April 5, 2011).

Well, here below is the video that has more than gained cult status on YouTube:

And if you thought the above video was interesting, there’s even a Frequently Asked Questions to explain the above video.

Of course, there are many conspiracy theorists who feel the whole thing was staged. To address that and feed the curiosity of the public, the folks behind the Charlie Bit Me video also responded to some FAQs.

Here’s the FAQ video on YouTube:

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