Incredible India 62: Have No Pillow, Use Severed Legs

There’s no end to the inhumanity of daily life in India.

Depravity and inhumanity that you cannot imagine anywhere else in this vast universe is a daily occurrence in India.

Even by the depraved Indian standards, the following account is gruesome and barbaric.

Soren Tudu, an unfortunate poor man who lost his legs in a train accident and was lying in agony at a hospital in the East Indian state of West Bengal was compelled to use his severed legs as a pillow.


Because the hospital worker thought the legs would get lost otherwise!

Think we’re making this up?

No, this is too bizarre for even our fertile imagination to conjure up.

Here read this excerpt from the Times of India:

Someone’s ‘sense of duty’ got the better of his sense of humanity at the Malda district hospital on Sunday night. The hospital employee tucked the severed legs of a youth, who had lost them in an accident, under the patient’s head to serve as a pillow, apparently because he feared they would otherwise get lost.

Soren Tudu (26) of Bansihari in South Dinajpur had arrived in Malda town station on Sunday night to board a Guwahati-bound train. The son of an impoverished farmer, Mangal Tudu, Soren wanted to try his luck in the neighbouring state as there was no work available in his village. However, fate had other plans. While attempting to board a train, he missed the step and fell on the tracks.

The train’s wheels ran over Soren’s legs, severing the limbs. After the train had passed, railway police discovered his unconscious body on the tracks with the severed legs lying at a distance. He and his detached limbs were taken to the district hospital, where he was admitted.

When patients in the ward woke up on Monday, they received the shock of their lives – a man was lying on an adjoining bed with his head resting on two legs! After the initial shock subsided, some of them called the hospital staff and demanded that something be done immediately. But they remained nonchalant.

Hey, what’s that noise.

Oh, that’s the leg-less man Soren Tudu singing Mera Bharat Mahaan.

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