On Women in the Movies

* My understanding of women goes only as far as the pleasures – Michael Caine in Alfie (1966)

* They don’t yell, tell or swell, and they’re grateful as hell. – Paul Sorvino on flings with married women in That Championship Season (1983)

* Women are strange little beasts. You can treat them like dogs, you can beat them until your arm aches – and they still love you. Of course, it’s an absurd illusion that they have souls. – George Sanders in The Moon and Sixpence (1942)

* Don’t you know that we dames have got to be something more to the guy than a school girl sweetheart? We’ve got to be a wife – a real wife – a mother too and a pal. And a nursemaid. – Paulete Goddard in The Women (1939)

* All women are wonders because they reduce all men to the obvious. – Ken Niles in Out of the Past (1947)

* A woman doesn’t think. She gets stirred up….Now you know all about women. – William Powell in Life with Father (1947)

And now for SI’s favorite movie quote on women: 😉

* They all start out as Juliets and wind up as Lady Macbeths. – William Holden in The Country Girl (1954)

Boy, Holden certainly got the distaff sex right.

Source: We’ll Always Have Paris – The Definitive Guide to Great Lines from the Movies by Robert A.Nowlan & Gwendolyn W.Nowlan

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