Will Sachin Create History Today? Alas, No

It’s 9.54 PM in New York.

We are watching the second India-Australia Test Match of the current series on our new 27-inch iMac.

And Mera Bharat Mahaan are 103-5.

Not a good score.

But India’s two great batting hopes Sachin Tendulkar and Captain M.S. Dhoni are at the crease.

Some hope still left.

It’s 9:59PM ET

India 109-5 after 37 overs.

Cool, Nice boundary by Sachin.

118-5 after 39 overs.

Sachin @ 36.

Wow, another Boundary by the Master Blaster Sachin!

India 124-5 & Sachin @ 41.

Oh, What a Shame

Sachin b James Pattinson for 41. 🙁


India 124-6.

Good bowling by Pattinson. He’s got 4-wickets already.

It’s 10:17PM

And SI’s going to Bed!

No fun left in the innings any more.

🙁 🙁

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