Cali-Pornia is America’s Sex Offender Capital

We knew that there had to be a special meaning behind the name of America’s third largest state Cali-Pornia aka California.

Eureka, we just found out why.

Cali-Pornia, it seems, has the dubious distinction of being America’s Sex Offender capital.

The un-godly state has 106,216 Registered Sex Offenders.

This means for every 100,000 people in Cali-Pornia, there are 284 sex offenders.

Compared to Cali-Pornia, New York state (including its sin bastion New York City) is a babe in the sexual woods with 32,994 sexual offenders.

What Turns Californians into Cali-Pornians?

There’s nothing so hard in life as to fathom the motivations and rationale behind human behavior.

Why some humans Pricks in some settings behave the way they do is not easy for sane minds to discern.

Part of the explanation could be cultural.

‘Tis true that California has a reputation for Bohemian activity, which is traditionally not illegal or harmful to others. Just a little weird and outside the realm of conventionally accepted behavior.

Y’all have heard the famous saying that everything in America starts in Cali-Pornia and then heads East!

If that’s indeed true, Cali-Pornia’s high rate of Sex Offenders does not bode well for the rest of America.

Or maybe it’s something in the Food.

Is it something in the food or beverages that Californians eat/drink that turns ’em into savage Cali-Pornians. Many years back, we read in Time magazine that young girls in parts of South America were attaining puberty faster because of high hormone content in the food and milk.

You think it’s the scarcity of affordable Pussy?

Someone should do some research on the number of hookers and rates charged by prostitutes in California vis-a-vis other states.

Perhaps there’s a correlation between prostitution fees/number of hookers in a state and and sex offenders.

Stricter Laws in California?

Let’s face it.

Laws, even if they be the same, are not uniformly enforced/applied in all states.

Could it be that in California the courts and the police enforce offensive sexual behavior laws more rigorously than in other states.

Maybe, it’s the presence of Private Prisons in California?

Private prisons are like hotels.

An empty bed is lost revenue.

So, the corporations running private prisons lobby the state legislators for tougher sentencing laws and creation of new laws.

Yes, private prisons have a strong presence in California.

Or is it the earlier date of Registry Creation?

In 1947, the year Mera Bharat Mahaan became independent, California became the first state in America to create a Sex Offender Registry.

So, it’s possible that the state’s early Sex Offender Registry may be tilting the scales against it.

Or is high immigrant population the culprit?

By the way, Texas (68,529) and Florida (57,896) take second and third place respectively in the nation’s Sex Offender Registry.

Did anyone notice that the three states with the highest numbers of sex offenders are also states with a large number of illegal immigrants.

Illegal immigrants or illegal aliens as they’re sometimes known often come here without the comforting presence of their wives or girl-friends. A lot of illegal immigrants are also unfortunately not web-savvy.

Or, it may just be that a lot of Californians are really savages beneath their fancy clothes.

Did somebody says clothes maketh a man? 😉

Sex Offenders in America – Big Picture

Of course, Cali-Pornia is not the only state in America where some pricks allow their pricks to run amok.

Overall, as per a recent survey there are 747,408 registered sex offenders in America, an increase of 7,555 offenders from June 2011.

The survey was conducted by National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

In NCMEC’s first survey conducted in 2006, there were 606,816 registered sex offenders in the U.S.

In the last five years, an additional 140,592 convicted sex offenders joined the Sex Offender registries across the country, an increase of 23.2%.

Wonder which state is India’s sex offender capital?

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