Apple AppStore – Can Android Beat This?

In India, teachers in medical colleges and high schools are using Apple iPad tablets to teach anatomy to students.

In America, the Incredible SI watches Bollywood movies on the iPad and iPhone, reads the Times of India on the iPad and responds to comments in bed via the iPhone.

All these are, of course, made possible by the wonderful Apple hardware.

But what’s a shiny piece of hardware without sexy applications to run on it.

That’s where Apple’s AppStore comes in.

Launched in July 2008, the AppStore has been a blockbuster success providing applications in several categories including news, entertainment, productivity, developer tools, photography, sports, travel and education.

Earlier today, at the Worldwide Developer Conference Apple disclosed the latest stats for the AppStore and, folks, they’re nothing short of mindboggling.

Here, see for yourself in the below chart:

Apple Appstore June 2012 - Blog

As the 30 billion download proves, customers around the world have eagerly embraced the AppStore.

And with customers flocking to the AppStore more and more developers have hopped on to the AppStore gravy train.

Developers have earned $5 billion so far from their Appstore applications.

Free and Paid Apps

A lot of applications in the AppStore are free and there are countless apps costing less than $5.

Over the last three years, I have downloaded scores of apps from the AppStore and for the most part they work well.

Very well, indeed.

If you haven’t had a deko at the apps from the Apple AppStore, I strongly encourage you to do so.

AppStore provides apps for the iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and, of course, the Mac computer too.

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