Quote of the Day – Saul Bellow

The bitches come and the bitches go….If she wants to go, fuck her! Let her go! You’ll be okay. So you were a sucker! Big deal! Every man is a sucker for some type of broad. I always got clobbered by the blue-eyed kind, myself.

– The lawyer Sandor Himmelstein speaking to a depressed Moses Herzog in Saul Bellow’s Herzog, P.80

What about all ye schmucks!

Surely, at one time or the other all you stupid Indian SOBs must have had the wool pulled over your myopic eyes by one of those ‘bitches’ like Moses Herzog’s scheming, adulterous, paranoid wife Madeline.

Time to fess up, folks.

Was it one of those garlicky-smelling, Avakkai loving, Allu Arjun worshiping Telugu broad that got you? 😉

What about Herzog

Herzog is my first serious look at Bellow.

Some decades back, I took a shot at Humboldt’s Gift but gave up early.

This time, I’m making good progress.

I find Herzog interesting but not compelling.

Bellow was obviously a well read man and Herzog provides ample proof of that.

Indians will be happy to note that the author mentions Gandhi’s disciple and Bhoodan movement leader Vinoba Bhave early in the book.

Bellow received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1976.

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