Gigante – Nice Movie from Uruguay

Gigante is one of those films where little seems to happen.

Stranger still, the Spanish movie has sparse dialogs.

But then I’ve never been one to equate manic chases, pretty sluts or noise with quality.

There’s great virtue in the business of quietly going about the activities of everyday life or silence, a rarity in a world with 100-trillion cell phones.

Argentine filmmaker Adrián Biniez wrote and directed this fine film.

Our Hero – No Jason Bourne

If you’re looking for a quick adrenaline jolt, then Gigante’s not for you.

Our hero Jara is not a CIA agent involved in a sexy hush-hush covert Operation Treadstone a la Jason Bourne.

Jara (Horacio Camandule) works as a humble security guard at a large department store on the night-shift.

Like 99.99% of the world, Jara leads an uneventful life.

He wakes up, goes to work, occasionally babysits his nephew, peers at the security monitor to see if any of the employees are stealing, works on the crossword and returns home. That’s his every day routine.

No Bourne in the job, looks, action or girlfriend department.


Actually, our shy hero wants a girlfriend.

One day, in his security monitor he espies a new cleaning woman Julia (Leonor Svarcas).

A pretty girl with an amazing derriere.

Aha, our quiet hero is smitten and can’t get enough of the girl.

He turns stalker and follows her around all over the place, sometimes with his irritated young nephew in tow.

Hey, our hero even follows the guys she meets.

But he never speaks to her.

Does she even know of his existence?

Mucho Like Gigante

Horacio Camandule knows the acting thing.

In a calm, understated way, he ably shoulders the film and delivers an impressively realistic performance.

Gigante is also one of those rare films where everything seems plausible.

None of that suspension of disbelief required here.

It could even be happening somewhere right now, albeit with some minor changes.

Given the audience predilection for movies with high-adrenaline chases, werewolves, slutty trash or manic action these days, Adrían Biniez deserves kudos for crafting a fine film that depicts the everyday life of a humble security guard.

Gigante is proof that good movies with simple themes can come from the oddest places.

Filmed in Montevideo, Uruguay by Adrían Biniez, Gigante has attracted the attention of serious film buffs.

Gigante has also been nominated and/or picked up some decent awards at the film festivals. recommends Gigante.

The movie should be available at Blockbuster or Netflix in the U.S. with English subtitles.

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