Heroine Trashed by Movie Critics

Kareena Kapoor’s much ballyhooed film Heroine is getting whipped by critics.

Directed by Madhur Bhandarkar, Heroine is the roller-coaster life story of a movie star played by Kareena, one of Bollywood’s most mediocre actresses.

Here are excerpts from a few unflattering reviews of Heroine.

* Rediff

The first half of the film passes swiftly enough, with much spot-the-unsubtle-celeb-impersonation to be played…But soon things devolve into utter lunacy..

* Reuters

“Heroine” belongs to the “Madhur Bhandarkar” genre of films. Pick any field, or place (Corporate, Jail, Fashion), stuff it with every cliché you can think of and more, add a gay character (irrespective of whether the story needs it or not), throw in some over-the-top dialogue, and of course, package the whole thing as “realistic cinema”….“Heroine” is no different – it feels like Bhandarkar has copy-pasted characters from his films to this one, changing their names and making cosmetic changes to suit this film.


Heroine is drably monotonous, its insights are shallow, most of the characters are caricatures and the lines that they speak border on the corny, if not on the outright ridiculous.

It is a single-note film that never manages to break free from the limitations imposed on its flow by its own slew of predictable contrivances.


All said and done, the film may be a one-time watch. But if you expected too much out of the film, it may not be worth the anticipation and your money.

* Upper Stall

Tacky does not even begin to describe the production value on this film based on films based on movies based on Bollywood, and if Bhandarkar’s team hasn’t already realized the sheer worthlessness of working on the same project over and over again, they might end up as the secondary cast in his next.

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