Incredible India – Don’t Stop an Indian from Peeing on Your Wall Unless You Wanna Die

It’s no secret that on the barbarity scale, Indians rank high on the list, close to the top.

The savages kill each other on the flimsiest pretexts.

But a recent killing in Delhi is something that can happen only in Incredible India.

Tempest in a Piss Pot

The murder happened over piss, as in pee a.k.a urine.

Binno, a 17-year-old girl in Delhi was killed and her mother Sadmani seriously injured when they tried to prevent their neighbor Javed  from urinating outside their home in E-Block in Hazrat Nizamuddin of south Delhi.

An enraged Javed took out his pistol and shot both the mother and daughter.

Binno died on the spot while the mother is battling for life at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

The unfortunate girl was studying in the 11th grade in a government school in the Jangpura locality of Delhi.

After firing his deadly shots at the two women, Javed ran away and is probably peeing on some other wall in Delhi.

Indians – Numero Uno in Public Peeing

Ask anyone the least bit familiar with India and his first image will be of people (both men and women) peeing or crapping by the nearest wall or bush.

Indian men, of course, are the bigger culprits because the dickheads can easily stand, unzip, take out their pencil-dicks and aim at the nearest wall.

For women, things get a little difficult because they also have to deal with 600-million Indian voyeuristic men who love nothing better than to ogle at anyone belonging to the opposite sex, be they human or cattle.

Whose Fault?

For the large part, blame for public peeing and defecation lies with the Indian state/government that has consigned sanitation to the bottom of the nation’s priorities.

Except for houses belonging to the upper and middle classes, most Indian households do not have a toilet in their homes. But even the poorest Indian household these days has a cell phone! 😉

Oddly enough, there are also millions of Indians who like to pee in public despite having a toilet in their homes. The toilets are used as storerooms for food grains like rice and wheat and a variety of other stuff.

It’s hard to understand why those who have toilets pee in public. My hypothesis is that by peeing in a public spot Indian men are marking the territory as theirs.

Not unlike wild beasts, which most Indians resemble in more ways than one.

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