Tragedy! Only 8 Indians Make it to Bee Finals


Things are not looking good for the Indian community in America.

A mere eight of the 11 finalists for the 2013 Spelling Bee competition are Indian-Americans.

The eight Indian-Americans, along with three others, represent one millionth of 1% of the initial contenders (the competition started off with 11 million participants around the world).

Here are the eight Indian-American kids who made it to the Bee finals a short while ago:

Pranav Sivakumar
Age, Grade: 13, Eighth Grade
School: Barrington Middle School – Station Campus, Barrington, Illinois

Vanya ShivashankarKannadiga, sister of 2009 champion Kavya Shivashankar
Age, Grade: 11, Sixth Grade
School: California Trail Middle School, Olathe, Kansas

Sriram J. Hathwar
Age, Grade: 13, Seventh Grade
School: Alternative School for Math & Science, Corning, New York

Chetan G. ReddyTelugu
Age, Grade: 13, Eighth Grade
School: C.M. Rice Middle School, Plano, Texas

Syamantak Payra
Age, Grade: 12, 7th Grade
School: Westbrook Intermediate School, Friendswood, Texas

Vismaya J. Kharkar
Age, Grade: 14, Eighth Grade
School: Challenger School, Salt Lake City, Utah

Arvind V. MahankaliTelugu
Age, Grade: 13, Eighth Grade
School: Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School 74, Bayside, New York

Nikitha ChandranTamil
Age, Grade: 13, Eighth Grade
School: Brandon Academy, Brandon, Florida

Himalayan Tragedy

Three Non-Indian kids too made it to the Bee 2013 finals. 🙁

Life is unfair, as John F.Kennedy put it while describing an unjust world.

In a just world, all 11 finalists would be Indian-Americans. Right?

Here are the three non-Indian kids who made it to the 2013 Spelling Bee finals.

Christal Schermeister
Age, Grade: 13, Eighth Grade
School: HEARTS Home School Group, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Amber Born
Age, Grade: 14, Eighth Grade
School: Home School, Marblehead, Massachusetts

Grace Remmer
Age, Grade: 14, Eighth Grade
School: Home School, St. Augustine, Florida

Indian Champion

I have no doubt in my mind that by the time the finals concludes at 10PM today, an Indian-American will stand on the stage crowned as the 2013 Spelling Bee champion.

Blinded by the flashlights of fame, he/she will relish the moment while the rest quietly fade into obscurity.

The Spelling Bee finals will be held from 8PM-10PM this evening.

ESPN will have a live telecast of the event.

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