In the Loop Review – Hilarious

Last night I had a great time in bed.

For nearly two hours, the bed shook like crazy and the quilts repeatedly fell to the floor.

Oh No! I didn’t overdose on Viagra, Cialis or any of that shit! 😉

Lying down in bed, I watched the BBC production In the Loop on Hulu (via the Roku box).

Brilliant Satire

In my not-so-humble view, the best satires are always on politics because they touch upon a sensitive subject like a scandal or a disastrous public policy.

Social issues just don’t have the same bite because people have wildly different views on contentious topics like abortion, immigration, social security, gay marriage etc.

But when it comes to politicians, there’s remarkable unity among the rabble.

Scumbags, 100% of politicians! That’s the common view.

Who doesn’t hate that abominable species!

And In the Loop is a remarkable takedown of politicians who blundered into the unjustified attack on Iraq in 2003.

A Himalayan disaster that caused so much loss of life and squandered hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayers’ money.

Directed by Armando Iannucci, the setting for In the Loop is both power centers – London and Washington DC.

And the central characters are UK and U.S. politicians and their spin doctors whose job it is to portray their asinine wards in the best possible light.

Tom Hollander as the U.K. minister Simon Foster and Peter Capaldi as the foul-mouthed public relations chief Malcolm Tucker are a hoot!

Simon is the new minister for International Development, a meek feller not strong in the upper story.

Malcolm, on the other hand, is an all-testosterone, alpha-male who thrives on crushing people like Simon.

Politicians on both sides of the pond are presented as blithering idiots or as self-interested jackasses who’ll do anything to advance their careers.

Public interest be damned.

Preoccupation with trifles like getting on the right committees and constant one-upmanship with each other (particularly in the U.S.), show the political class as a disgusting bunch for whom no punishment is severe enough.

The writing is top-notch and the acting more than adequate

I haven’t had this much fun in front of the television in a long time.

In the Loop has won kudos in several quarters including an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.

But In the Loop is definitely not for the tasteless, crass Rowdy Rathore loving Indian chutiyas.

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