Fruitvale Station Review – Excellent

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Life’s blessings are doled out so unequally.

For proof, watch the Sundance 2013 winner Fruitvale Station and its real-life account of the cold-blooded killing of a 22-year-old unarmed Black man Oscar Julius Grant III at a BART train station in California by a trigger happy White cop Johannes Mehserle in the early hours of January 1, 2009.

Yeah, an unarmed 22-year-old Black man killed in front of hundreds of onlookers!

Bad Curse

It’s a curse to be born Black in America.

Every day, Blacks suffer countless indignities that no White man ever experiences.

Blacks are needlessly stopped on the highway, treated as thieves in malls, discriminated against by banks, frisked relentlessly on streets, shot to death with impunity (George Zimmerman, any one?) and incarcerated in state and federal prisons at a far, far higher rate than Whites.

My Black acquaintances tell me Barack Obama’s ride to the White House as the first African-American President has yielded little improvement to the Black community.

Zilch! Zip! Nada!

Of course, some will argue that since Blacks commit a high proportion of urban crimes their behavior tends to attract greater, unfavorable attention.

But let’s reserve that debate for another day.

Must Watch Film

Oscar Grant, played with great Γ©lan by Michael B. Jordan in Fruitvale Station, was no saint.

At 22, Oscar had already been to prison.

He was unfaithful to his girlfriend Sophina Mesa (Melonie Diaz).

He’s a drug dealer.

And he has difficulty holding a job, despite being father to an adorable young girl.

Is this the typical behavior of a young Black male in Amreeka?

I have no way of knowing since I’m an Asian-American in the evening of its life.

But, if you believe the movie, Oscar had a good heart.

See his interaction with the beautiful White gal Katie at the grocery store a few hours before his death!

Or with his adorable, precocious kid!

Or with the abandoned run-over dog on the street!

Is that fact or fiction?

Who knows!

But none of Oscar’s past reprehensible behavior warranted his needless killing at the Fruitvale BART train station by the White cop Johannes Mehserle on New Year’s Day, 2009.

Michael B.Jordan plays the wayward Oscar Grant to perfection.

Instead of just focusing on the killing, the movie cleverly traces the last 24-hours of Oscar’s life to provide viewers a glimpse into his personality.

We see the 22-year-old man’s interactions with his family, friends, former co-workers and strangers (including a White girl).

For killing Oscar, the White cop got a two-year sentence.

And the White cop was out in 11-months.

Black football player Michael Vick served 21 months in prison for participating in an illegal dog-fighting ring.

No Kidding

A Black man spends 21-months in prison for participation in a dog-fighting ring and a White cop spends 11-months behind bars for killing an unarmed Black man.

Dogs are more important than a Black man’s life in America!

Yes, sir!

This is 21st century America, my adopted homeland!

Ryan Coogler deserves great kudos for writing and directing Fruitvale Station.

Oscar winner Forrest Whitaker (of The Last King of Scotland fame) co-produced this lovely film.

Fruitvale Station has won several accolades at major film festivals including Cannes and Sundance.

Don’t be surprised if Fruitvale Station gets a favorable mention on Oscar night. πŸ˜‰ enthusiastically recommends Fruitvale Station.

The movie is playing in theaters across America.

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