Tech News Has Lost All Sense of Proportion

News loses all meaning when journalists consider everything related to Apple as earth-shattering developments.

Over the last 48-hours, bloggers and journalist from across the world, but mostly here in the U.S.,  have focused on the “revelation” that September 10 is the launch date for Apple’s next iPhone.

Some five dozen publications piggybacked on All ThingsD’s original story.

Given the media frenzy, you’d think the AllThingsD story was of Watergate proportions.

Alas, No.

The AllThingsD story has nothing substantive (unless you consider the launch date September 10 of extraordinary importance).

Just speculation over camera and processor enhancements, and a fingerprint sensor in the upcoming iPhone.

And, of course, rehashing talk of Apple putting out a separate cheaper iPhone.

It’s a shame tech bloggers are getting their panties in a twist over bit of trivia concerning Apple.

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