iPhone 5s gets Lots of Review Love

Android and Windows (??) Phone fans can moan and whine endlessly about the world’s iPhone fixation but each new release of the iPhone receives mostly gushing love from reviewers and users.

The new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c have yet to move into the hands of users but they’re receiving lots of love from reviewers.

Since the iPhone 5c is essentially a plastic version of the iPhone 5, I will ignore it and focus on the iPhone 5s reviews.

Here’s a sample of review love for the iPhone 5s:

iPhone 5s Gets Love of Love from Reviewers

Walter Mossberg (Wall Street Journal):

I think this is the most reliable and easy to use biometric authentication I’ve ever seen in an everyday device. It’s a big differentiator for the iPhone….

Overall, I think the hardware improvements plus the new radical iOS 7 continue to make this the best smartphone on the market.

Anand Lal Shimpi (Anandtech):

At the end of the day, if you prefer iOS for your smartphone – the iPhone 5s won’t disappoint. In many ways it’s an evolutionary improvement over the iPhone 5, but in others it is a significant step forward. What Apple’s silicon teams have been doing for these past couple of years has really started to pay off. From a CPU and GPU standpoint, the 5s is probably the most futureproof of any iPhone ever launched.

David Pogue (New York Times):

The most heavily promoted feature is the 5S’s fingerprint sensor, which, ingeniously, is built into the Home button. You push the Home button to wake the phone, leave your finger there another half second, and boom: you’ve unlocked a phone that nobody else can unlock, without the hassle of inputting the password.

The best part is that it actually works — every single time, in my tests. It’s nothing like the balky, infuriating fingerprint-reader efforts of earlier cellphones. It’s genuinely awesome; the haters can go jump off a pier. …

Apple still believes in superb design and tremendous polish. The iPhone is no longer the only smartphone that will keep you delighted for the length of your two-year contract — but it’s still among the few that will.

Rich Jaroslovsky (Bloomberg):

The 5s is the current iPhone 5 — same size, shape, metal body and 4-inch Retina display — with upgraded internals and one terrific new feature. The iPhone 5c is to all intents and purposes the current iPhone 5 housed in a new plastic body.…

There’s nothing wrong with either phone. But there’s not much that’s pulse-quickening about them either.

Darrell Etherington (Techcrunch)

It’s hard not to wax too poetic about the iPhone 5s design; the color-matched conductive ring around the home button/fingerprint sensor adds a lot to the overall good looks of the device, and the new space gray finish that I reviewed is more visually striking than the black it replaces. It also seems more resistant to wear, as the iPhone 5 in black scratched when I even thought about it encountering some grit, while the 5s finish remains impeccable after a week of use….

With the iPhone 5s, Apple once again wins the right to claim the title of best smartphone available. The hardware may resemble its predecessor in many key ways, as with the 4-inch Retina display, but it improves dramatically in areas like the camera where it makes the most difference to every day users, and in the addition of the fingerprint sensor, which is already a feature I miss when I switch back to older generation devices or the iPhone 5c.

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