Hell, This Ain’t No Secret

Microsoft CEO Steve BallmerAt Microsoft’s meeting with financial analysts yesterday, CEO Steve Ballmer acknowledged a fact that anyone with a head has known for a long time: Microsoft is a total disaster in the mobile arena where Apple and Google are ruling the roost in smartphones, tablets, apps and music.

The tragedy for Microsoft is that as the PC industry continues to shrink worldwide, the smartphone, tablet and app businesses are exploding.

Here’s what Ballmer told financial analysts on Thursday:

[In] mobile devices, we have almost no share (emphasis added). I don’t know whether to say that with enthusiasm or kind of uncomfortable tension. But I’m an optimistic guy. Any time we have low market share sounds like upside opportunity to me.

And the blame for “almost no share” in mobile devices should fall entirely on Ballmer’s head.

Microsoft completely missed the digital revolution in consumer devices that happened on Ballmer’s watch.

The growth of new consumer categories like digital music players, smartphones, tablets, apps and legal music downloads happened in the last 15 years.

And Ballmer has been either President or CEO of Microsoft since 1998.

It’s safe to say that if Ballmer had done a better job, people wouldn’t be queuing up for Apple’s new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in several countries today.

Nor would millions of people be using Google every day! Microsoft’s so called search engine Bing is a joke.

To think this idiot Ballmer owns 4% of Microsoft worth billions is depressing.

Only in America is failure rewarded so handsomely! 🙁

Thank God, Ballmer is on his way out having announced last month that he’s leaving the company in 12 months.

In any other company, Ballmer would have been booted out several years back. Ballmer must count himself extremely lucky for being Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates’ buddy.

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