Einstein Would be Proud

Just what our obese world desperately needs!

A french fries vending machine!

French Fries Kiosk

Wonderful Invention

Chinese company Beyondte Technology Co. has launched what it claims is the world’s first french fries vending machine.

Put your bill or coins into the machine, wait for 95-seconds, and, voila, here’s your French fries cooked in beef fat or vegetable oil.

The “invention” spits out french fries in two sizes – 135 gms or 150 gms.

The french fries machine is designed to provides a choice of three sauces.

Apparently, this wonderful contraption cost millions of dollars to develop and has been in development for five years.

Businesses in Croatia, Iran and Chile that have installed the kiosks are said to have had “a great impact in the market.”

What next?

A Dum Biryani kiosk for the Telugu biddas? 😉

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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