Cockburn on a Corporate Cocksucker

I don’t think Obama is a real fighter. He’s too pretty, and he doesn’t want to get his looks messed up.
– Writer Alexander Cockburn on Barack Obama (in 2008)
Source: New York Times, November 12, 2013

The majority, including, alas, yours truly, were taken in by Barack Obama.

Irish-American writer Alexander Cockburn was among the rare few to see through the veneer of Obama, who, in my not-so-humble view, epitomizes the worst elements of White Trash in a Black epidermis.

The day Obama reneged on his promise of accepting public funding and took the private fund-raising road during his first presidential campaign, I should have realized that he was a false prophet!

Alas, wisdom comes too late for the majority of the world.

Given my extreme disappointment with Obama over his toadying up to the 1% and failing to take a hard line on corporate malfeasance, I’m exploding with schadenfreude over the ObamaCare debacle on the web site. If the Obama administration can’t get a web site up and running despite three years of planning and working on it, then WTF is it good for!

Alexander Cockburn was known for his caustic writing on a variety of subjects.

Apparently, Cockburn visited India too and I can’t wait to read what he had to say about the planet’s biggest shithole Mera Bharat Mahaan.

Despite my Catholic reading, I had not heard of Alexander Cockburn until a few moments ago.

I learned of Cockburn through a Times piece on Cockburn’s latest book, A Colossal Wreck: A Road Trip Through Political Scandal, Corruption and American Culture.

Cockburn died of cancer last year in Germany.

I intend to pick up Cockburn’s new book and some of his earlier ones in the near future.

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