Thank God, No OneNote for Me

With OneNote, you can capture the flash of genius, that moment of inspiration, or that list of errands that’s too important to forget.
– Source: Microsoft’s description of OneNote for Mac inside the AppStore

“Flash of genius,” “Moment of inspiration?”

Ha ha ha.

Even in the twilight of my life, the nonsense that humans spew day in and day out never ceases to surprise me.

Let’s face the truth.

Most of you dickheads wouldn’t be able to find your ‘pendulums’ even with two hands and a flashlight.

And a note-taking application ain’t going to unleash the “flash of genius” or “moment of inspiration” in a torrent.

Microsoft OneNote Debuts for Mac

Like millions of Mac enthusiasts, I got all excited this snowy morning when I saw the news about Microsoft finally releasing its OneNote note-taking app for the Mac.

And that too for free. 😉

And like any freeloading desi, I went off into a drooling fit at the thought of adding to the clutter on my iMac desktop with one more app I’d never use.

So imagine my surprise when I headed to the Apple AppStore and tried to download the free OneNote app.

In vain!

Ho ho ho, I got an error message stating that OneNote for Mac required the system to be running OS X 9 (Maverick) or later.

OneNote Won't Work on Mountain Lion or Earlier Mac Operating Systems

And I’m still running OS X 10.8.5, a version of Mountain Lion (predecessor to Maverick).

Since countless users have complained how the Maverick upgrade has ruined their lives, I’ve wisely refrained from upgrading and stuck to my reliable Mountain Lion operating system. Even folks with 28GB of RAM complain that the Maverick upgrade has buggered up their systems so badly that even opening a simple application like TextEdit takes eons.

Although I was initially disappointed with not being able to add more app I’d never open after today, truth be said my inner self is actually happy because there’s one less app to clutter my iMac desktop and a few less minutes wasted on another app.

Einstein – Never Used Apps

If you ask me, 100% of PC/Mac apps are not going to make geniuses out of you schmucks and 99% of the apps will not improve your productivity in any big way if you’re already not productive.

Remember, the monumental accomplishments of all great scientists, writers and administrators happened without a note-taking productivity app, calendar app, reminder app or for that matter any app.

Even with a gazillion apps out there for both Mac and Windows systems, it’ll be a million year before the genius of app-less titans like William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Vladimir Nabokov and Isaac Newton can be matched.

I will admit though that I occasionally use EverNote 5.1.0 (of course, an older version). But I’ve not been impressed enough to upgrade to a premium version costing $45 a year.

Given EverNote’s huge fan following I doubt OneNote will do much damage to it.

If you ask me, at the end of the day you can accomplish more with just a browser bookmark and a text editor.

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