In U.S., Young Patel, Singh & Reddy Know How to Wear a Condom the Right Way

Young Indian teens in America are often derided as socially awkward geeks who have a hard time fitting in with their non-Asian peers.

But one thing Indian kids know, and know well, is how to keep their legs tightly clamped together.

Or Indians, Chinese, Koreans, Pakis, Nepalis and Bangladeshis are more adept at birth control than their peers.

In other words, Indian kids know how to wear a condom or diaphragm the right way and, ergo, have a very low young teen birth rate.

Young teens, those in the 15-18 age group, are dropping their litter at the rate of 1,700 births a week. The CDC estimates that 86,000 young teens gave birth in 2012.

Indians have Low Young Teen Pregnancies

Asian Young Teens – Low Birth Rate

A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that Asian/Pacific Islanders have the lowest young teen birth rates in America.

Birth rate per 1,000 for young Asian/Pacific Islander teens in 2012 was a mere 4.1 compared to 25.5 for Hispanic teens, 21.9 for non-Hispanic Black teens, 17 for American Indian/Alaska Native teens and 8.4 for non-Hispanic white teens.

One reason young teen pregnancy rates is very low for Indians and other Asians is the role of their family.

Asian families are usually tight-knit affairs with parents intimately involved in day-to-day activities of their children.

Plus, the high annual income of Telugu biddas, Sardars, Gujjus and Bhaiyyas Indian men families lets mothers stay at home giving them greater time to poke and pry into their kids’ lives.

CDC specialists say births to younger teens pose the highest risk of poor medical, social and economic outcomes.

Although over 90% of young teens in America had used some form of contraceptive the last time they had sex, it seems most relied on least effective techniques.

Overall, 27% of young teens in America are estimated to have had sex.

Must be the work of hormone fed chicken and cows that’s driving America’s young teens into an uncontrollable sexual frenzy.

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