My Heart Bleeds for White Victims! Really?

Aahh, White suffering in Amreeka is so awful!

All the pain Whites must endure because of discrimination against their pale skin.

While so much media ink goes into narrations of Black and Brown victimization by Whites, there’s little public discussion about the everyday indignities White people have to weather.

White people in America are experiencing Death by a Thousand Cuts.

At least, that’s the wail of many Whites in America now!

Balance of Power

Now are Whites sinners or more sinned against?

If you ask me, Race is all about Power and Nothing about Skin Color.

Anyone who amasses disproportionate power will abuse it against his fellow humans. Power play in essence.

Pol Pot and Stalin butchered their own people. Race was never a factor in the killing fields of Cambodia or the Arctic Gulags that claimed millions of lives.

Since power is concentrated in White hands in America today, they miss no opportunity in brutalizing the less powerful (Blacks, Browns etc) in countless ways but mostly through discriminatory laws and predatory law enforcement.

If tomorrow by a miracle, Blacks and Browns were to become more powerful in America they would not hesitate a nanosecond to unleash their furies against Whites and fill our prisons with Whites.

That’s the ill-nature of the power beast.

The best way to minimize racism and abuse is to ensure a Balance of Power where no single group wields disproportionate power against others in society. But that’s easier said than done because once a group wields more power than its peers it’s hard to wrest it away!

When Whites in America inveigh against discrimination today, what they’re really protesting against is the effort by government and sections of society to restructure power relations in a less inequitable manner!

So take any claims of discrimination by Whites with a ton of salt!


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