Govindudu Andarivadele – 10 Reasons to Watch this Great Telugu Classic

Bangari – Neeku rape ante ento thelusa?
Chitra – Repu? Repu shanivaram
Bangari – Ha ha ha, adhi kadhu….
Bangari – Nenu ninnu rape chesesanu annuko, pelli chesesthadu….Rape mana pelli chesesthadu…Nuuvu naa onka chooste untavu, Nenu neemedha padipothanu anthe

(English translation: The alcoholic asks his girlfriend if she knows what Rape is. Thinking he’s speaking of the Telugu word repu, she innocently declares that tomorrow is Saturday. Laughing, he responds that since his father is refusing to let them marry, they ought to do what Mohan Babu did in Rowdy Gari PellamI will rape you now, he declares. The petrified girl screams “No” and insists on convincing the family elders. Despite the scared girl’s vehement objections, Bangari removes his clothes, and starts tearing off the girl’s blouse in an attempt to rape her. The girl begins howling like a banshee.)

It’s the blessed fortune of Indians to be bestowed the opportunity to watch a classic like Govindudu Andarivadele.

Harbor no doubt. Post Govindudu Andarivadele, director Krishna Vamsi will be spoken of in the same hushed tones as Orson Welles, Elia Kazan, Alfred Hitchcock, Akira Kurosawa and other giants of cinema.

Thanks to the intervention of Lord Balaji,  Telugu films are now releasing in theatres across even small towns of America. If you ask me, this represents a new dawn for America and for NRIs like yours truly.

Where else but in a Telugu film can you see civilization in all its missing glory!

Rape vs Repu

After his father is denied a promotion at London Medical University, AbhiRam (Ram Charan) learns about his grandfather et al in India. In an effort to repair strained relations between his Nanna (father) and Tataiyya (grandfather), the youngster leaves London for India but not before jactitating with a bevy of White maidens. Of course, no sooner is the lad at his grandfather’s village than there’s a little girl in danger waiting to be saved by him.

From then, our AbhiRam is on one saving mission after another without respite – Saving Tataiyya, saving crazy Satya, saving tipsy Bangari, saving the dilapidated hospital, saving his younger sister from thugs (sotto voce: saving all except me from this ordeal).

Thus leads the road to cinematic history in this glorious Telugu film.

I could give you a million reasons to watch Govindudu Andarivadele but for reasons of space and time I’ll restrict myself to just 10:

1) Where else but in a fine Telugu family entertainer will our impressionable youngsters learn that in the face of parental disapproval the fastest way to marriage between cousins is rape

2) Where else but in a superb family entertainer can we watch Telugu girls from conservative rural families wearing itsy-bitsy frocks dancing away late into the night at Hyderabad clubs

3) Where else but in a sweet family entertainer can we spot drunken Telugu girls planting kisses on strangers in clubs

4) Where else but in a classic Telugu film does a pretty girl alone with her boyfriend think Rape means “repu” i.e. tomorrow

5) Only in a masterpiece like Govindudu Andarivadele does the doctor-son declares America is a land of opportunities, America is wonderful, America is a land of honey and almonds blah blah blah and then settles down in London (which in my blissful ignorance I thought was in the United Kingdom all these days)

6) Where else but in a Telugu gem would we learn that a newly arrived guy from London can go to a ‘stranger’s house” in a village (riding a Harley Davidson no less), and before you can say Tammudu, the hero is embraced by one and all in the family, particularly by Tataiyya (Prakash Raj) who looks like a deserter from the British Army after the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny

7) Where else but in a charming Telugu film like Govindudu Andarivadele does our London born-and-raised hero speak Telugu without the trace of a British accent and better than local lawyers

8) Where else but in delightful Telugu film does the heroine (Kajal Agarwal) possess the infinite grace and delectable charm of a sow wallowing in the swamp for decades and does not let a nanosecond pass by without behaving like a chimp overdosed on toddy

9) How wonderful that although the hero is shot multiple times at fairly close range by his second cousin, before collapsing he asks that his assailant be forgiven and after being operated upon by his father in a dusty, dilapidated rural hospital recovers in a matter of minutes

10) Above all, where else but in Govindudu Andarivadele does the hero know as much about acting as my chair, table and keyboard

Although is not in the practice of awarding stars, we must – and we will – make an exception for Daridrudu Andarivadele and award it 10 out of a maximum of 5 stars!

Thank you Ram Charan baava. Thank you Krishna Vamsi gaaru. Thank you Kajal pinni.

Thank You, Lord Venkateswara. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Lord Balaji.

Folks, Govindudu Andarivadele is an epochal moment in motion picture history. No amount of encomiums can be too much for this 21st century artistic triumph.

Nenu chala happy, happyga unnanu! 😉

Govindudu Andarivadele – Guaranteed 100 days years run in theatres.


Extra – Now treat yourself to Gulabi, Jilebi and Rakshasi:


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