Supremacy Review – Behold the White Trash!

White trash ruined America, just as it laid waste to many corners of the world.

Now don’t you bonobos get me wrong!

Blacks and Browns ain’t no Mother Teresas (Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu? an Albanian White c**t in reality, if you believe Christopher Hitchens).

Pol Pot and his followers in Cambodia, Narendra Modi and his cow-ca-cola swilling Hindu vanar sena in India, the Madaras indoctrinated brain-dead Islamic Jihadist nuts of Terroristan (Pakistan), and Prabhakaran and his Tamil gangsters and child monster soldiers are merely a microcosm of the ugly face of Brown trash.

Black genocidal wrath against Blacks in Rwanda is incontrovertible proof that mental sickness is not a White monopoly.

While trash is ubiquitous among all races, one fact is unmistakable – On the spectrum of sick mothafuckas, White trash towers over all other sick bastards in scale, frequency and inflicting pain on others.

That was true in the ancient days, right through the Crusades and the medieval era and remains true to this day.

Living amidst the vast detritus of White trash in Amreeka, I have an insatiable interest in this ‘trashy’ subject and was therefore, unsurprisingly, quick to borrow the Supremacy DVD when I tripped over it on Netflix while rummaging for my Korean romantic fix.

What is White Trash?

As the most dim-witted noobs will tell ya, White trash is all about pigments aka skin color (although occasionally you’ll find Browns and Blacks ‘acting White’).

The feeling that my White skin entitles me to belittle others, to discriminate again others, to maim and kill non-Whites with impunity, to plunder the property of others, to wage war without provocation and to wreak havoc without consequence is the essence of White trash.

America is largely a White trash country (with a faux Black President and a few faux Black Mayors and Police Commissioners).

Don’t ya believe the White mothafuckas that racism was a relic of the 1940s and 1950s that vanished by the 1960s.

No, it hasn’t!

Every day, White trash butcher and paralyze Blacks and Browns and lie about the circumstances of the murders!

Even the supposed liberal bastion in the North-East is different only in degrees from the Southern stronghold of White trash.

America’s Blacks may ‘hump and run’ (according to this movie) leaving snivelling litters in their wake, sell drugs on street corners and kill in retail but be aware that this country’s wholesale killers and paedophiles are 99% White trash.

With that unflattering preview to the racial landscape of Amreeka, let’s get to the film Supremacy, which is essentially about a White trash couple doing what they do best – Inflicting pain on Blacks.

Engaging Movie

Directed by Deon Taylor (and writen by Eric J. Adams) with a fine cast, Supremacy is said to be inspired by true events (I have my doubts on the ‘true’ bit since the film provides no details).

No matter! I found Supremacy a deeply engaging film despite its overall poor rating by other (White trash???) reviewers.

After 15 years in prison, Garrett Tully (Joe Anderson), a loyalist of the White supremacist organization Aryan Brotherhood, is a free man.

Just outside prison in the parking lot, Tully hooks up with fellow Aryan Brotherhood acolyte and White trash gal Doreen (Dawn Olivieri) who’s waiting for him.

If you ask me, White hoes are bigger racists than their menfolk.

Sparks soon fly between Tully and Doreen, but in the wrong direction!

High on heroin, Doreen tries to lift Tully’s spirits by blowing him right inside her beat up pickup but Tully’s pecker just won’t ‘rise’ to the occasion causing her to taunt him about turning gay in prison.

God knows how many million guys turns into gays thanks to Amreeka’s mass incarceration pogrom.

Dawn Olivieri is a fine actress and in a just world would have earned more roles.

One of the many deep tragedies of modern life that a Brownie like SI in America has to vouch for a White girl’s acting talent!

The angry duo cruise down the highway, a silver gun resting in Tully’s hands.

Whadayathink happens?

Of course, they see the lights of a police cruiser behind them.

In a matter of seconds, the ‘acting White’ Black cop is shot and killed by our White trash mascot Tully.

Cruising in first gear until now, the movie shifts to fourth gear as Tully and Doreen flee in their pickup truck.

Dumb as this White trash couple is, Tully and Doreen have enough sense to ditch the pickup.

Black Meets White

On the run by foot, Tully and Doreen end up in a Black family’s house headed by Mr.Walker (Danny Glover, Mel Gibson’s partner in that famous movie whose name I can’t recollect)!

Police helicopters whirring overhead, the Black family is held hostage.

Gives Tully and Doreen a chance to get into hyperdrive rant against the ‘Niggas.’

The movie proceeds on a brisk clip.

Black family terrorized, shot and petrified.

Did you expect anything different with two guns aimed at you?

Danny Glover, Dawn Olivieri and the British actor Joe Anderson deliver the acting goods in ample measure.

Some of y’all might find the ending of Supremacy tame but life proceeds in bizarre ways, my friend!

I wouldn’t rate Supremacy a great film but most definitely an entertaining one.

Fuck the other reviewers at RT, schmucks.

This one’s an eye opener!

Go for it.

Supremacy is waiting for you on Netflix.

What you waiting for???? 🙁

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