Key Moment in Birth of Hijras Party

Offensive as India’s right wing Hindu nationalist party BJP is, its main rival, the monumentally corrupt and inept Congress party is infinitely worse.

Bereft of even a semblance of internal democracy, shameless Congressmen across the length and breadth of the country survive only by hanging on to the coattails of the Nehru-Gandhi family.

Despite having no political qualifications (at the time of her accession to the Congress leadership) save that she was the widow of Rajiv Gandhi (who himself rose to the top because he was the son of the petty dictator Indira Gandhi), Sonia Gandhi is today the leader of India’s largest group of Hijras (emasculated Congressmen).

With clowns like Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi at the helm of the Hijras (Congress) party, it’s no surprise that BJP leader Narendra Modi has few challengers in the political arena

The below video shows a key moment in the birth of India’s Hijras Party! (Note: There’s no sound in the video.)

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