Can Amazon Lift the Sinking Android Tablets?

To digital media aficionados, a group that includes yours truly, one of the most anticipated events is the upcoming launch of Amazon’s tablets. Let’s make it the supposed launch since Amazon has yet to officially announce its tablet strategy. But the rumors are flying fast and furious. Amazon will launch three tablets. No, there will […]

Amazon Instant Video Movie Collection Still Piffling

Even after today’s announcement about a streaming deal with Universal Pictures, Amazon’s instant movie collection is still an anemic 2,100. Including TV shows, Amazon has some 9,000 titles in its Instant Video collection. That’s nothing compared to the tens of thousands of titles Instant Video leader Netflix has amassed. For the benefit of the schmucks, […]

Finally, a Decent Android Bazaar; Amazon Debuts Android Appstore

Internet retailer launched its Appstore for Android devices today in a move that could whittle away some of the advantages Apple has enjoyed with its hugely successful AppStore and overcome the disadvantages of Google’s Android Marketplace. Amazon’s new store can be accessed at and comes with a novel feature called “Test Drive” that […]