Blackberry PlayBook Tablets – A Bloody Disaster; Will PlayBook be the Next TouchPad?

Research in Motion, maker of the Blackberry phones and the PlayBook tablet, disclosed its PlayBook shipments today for its fiscal second quarter (ended August 27, 2011). And they are HIDEOUSLY  UGLY. RIM said it’d shipped 200,000 Blackberry Playbook tablets into the channel. Yes, a piffling 200,000 PlayBooks were shipped into the channel in the entire […]

Tablet Rush Ain’t No Gold Rush; We Predict Doom

Hundreds of millions of dollars seems destined to go down the drain in the great Table rush of 2010 and 2011. It seems every little digital media twit has got his knickers/her panties wet over the Tablet phenomenon. We can’t scour over a publication without reading another gushing, drooling piece on these cool new Tablets. […]