Dabangg 2 Box Office – $1m

Bollywood murderer and girl-friend beater Salman Khan’s latest piece of trash Dabangg 2 has grossed $1 million at the U.S. box office in the December 21-23, 2012 opening weekend. Here’s how Dabangg 2 fared compared to a few prominent Bollywood films: Related Stories Dabangg 2 Review – Sophomoric Drivel

Dabangg 2 Review – Sophomoric Drivel

Show me the movies you enjoy, and I’ll tell you what kind of a nation you are. After watching this 124-minute piece of unalloyed trash a.k.a. Dabangg 2, all I can say is that a nation drooling over this kinda trash is a nation of philistines, a nation of imbeciles, doomed to perdition with nary […]

Rotten Reviews for Dabangg 2

Salman Khan is a name synonymous with all that’s repulsive in Indian society. The man murders people, beats his girlfriends and kills endangered animals in real life. And in the reel world, Salman puts out one trashy film after another. Given the unbounded love Indians pack for lowlifes, the tawdry and trashy, it’s no surprise […]