Willow.tv Down – Bastards

Update: Willow Finally Up @ 5:30AM EST Somebody, quickly get us our gun. We want to shoot these Willow.tv bastards. There’s gonna be blood on the floor. Lots of it. It’s 4:51AM on the U.S. East Coast. And like all of you we too are desperate to watch the opening India vs Bangladesh 2011 ICC […]

Watching Willow Madness Inauguration

SI Live Blogging ICC 2011 World Cup Inauguration: God, couldn’t they have found a better place than that basket case Bangladesh for the opening ceremony? * 7:15AM ET (5:45PM IST) The 2011 ICC World Cup inaugural ceremony is underway at Bonga Bandhu Stadium in Dhaka. We’re live streaming it on our desktop PC now via […]

Willow Madness on Willow.tv

Willow.tv ICC Worldcup Live on Roku & PC Review – Decent Quality Earlier today, the indomitable SI bit the bullet. Ah, the cricket bullet that is. After researching the various free and paid options, we finally plonked down $129 on Willow.tv to watch the 2011 World Cup Cricket matches. We picked Willow.tv because it gives […]

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