Baran Review – Heartbreakingly Beautiful

(For SI Blog readers Kreacher, Unknown Virus, Boopalan  etc) I am not a big believer in love or its cathartic effects on the human soul! Insufferable romances churned out by Bollywood and its shittier regional siblings have only intensified my apathy to all things lovey-dovey. Still, I greatly enjoyed the Iranian film Baran (2001), which […]

Children of Heaven Review – Divine Treat

(For SI Blog readers Kreacher & Vedagiri) How can I ever deny the world is a weird place! After all, some of the finest movies I’ve watched have come from the oddest of places. Now who’d think Mullah paradise Eyeran (as many American schmucks mispronounce the country) would produce movies that delight even a jaded […]

A Separation – Gorgeous Divorce Drama

(For SI blog reader unknownvirus who first recommended this gem and accurately predicted it’d win the Oscar) Salaam Aleikum, I have a religious question. I am working in a house. There’s an old man I’m supposed to care for. I wanted to ask, pardon me, but he has wet his pants. I wanted to know […]