The Lowland – Jhumpa’s New Book Delights

Soon after I read Brotherly Love, the poignant story of two brothers Subhash and Udayan, in the New Yorker (June 10, 2013), I became eager to read Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland from which the short story is excerpted. Fast forward three months. I’ve read The Lowland. Death – Not the End Spanning four generations and […]

Jhumpa Sneers at Notion of Immigrant Fiction

Americans abhor complexity. Simplicity is the lodestar of their lives. They like neat categories into which they can pigeonhole people, ideas, religion, food, sex and attitudes even if such categorizations make no sense. If you’re a Muslim, you’re either a terrorist or sleeper-cell terrorist. If you’re Black, you must be a criminal or surviving on […]

The Namesake Review – Lovely Movie

Language: English Year: March 9, 2007 in the U.S. Actors: Irfan Khan, Kal Penn, Tabu, Jacinda Barret, Sahira Nair Director: Mira Nair Producer: Lydia Dean Pilcher Screenplay: Sooni Taraporevala Story: Jhumpa Lahiri Music: Nitin Sawhney The Namesake is a gorgeous movie based on a lovely novel of the same name by Pulitzer prize winning author […]