Hanna Review – Saoirse ‘Bourne’ Ronan Impresses

Friend’s Father – Hanna, what did your mother die of? Hanna – Three bullets. Who needs Bourne when you got Hanna? Yeah, who needs Jason Bourne when you have a pretty young gal with a doctorate in Bournology. New Kick-Ass It’s been some time since we watched a nice action film starring a young girl. […]

Watching Kick-Ass

(via iPhone) Here we are in the theater again. We’re waiting for the new Hollywood movie Kick-Ass to start. Big crowd in the hall, guys. Easily more than 100 plus people. And they are still coming. Not surprising because the movie has garnered mostly positive reviews. Directed by Matthew Vaughn, Kick-Ass features Nicolas Cage, Aaron […]