Mouna Ragam Review – Junk

(For SI Blog Reader Shadowfax_Arbit and possibly many other Karthik Fans ) Since SI is in a Karthik mood lately, we sat down to watch Mouna Ragam (1986). Mouna Ragam is hailed as one of the finest films put out by Mani Ratnam, an highly overrated director in our not-so-humble opinion. Not surprising, given that […]

Kadal Review – Was Mani Ratnam on Ganja?

By SI Blog Reader Vinith I watched Mani Ratnam’s Kadal yesterday in a nearly empty theater. I’d like to believe the empty hall is a favorable omen. Perhaps Tamil movie buffs are belatedly getting wiser to junk and no longer hesitant to to raise the middle finger to unrepentant directors. Awful Film Kadal is a […]

Raavanan Review – Tamil Shit Better than Hindi Shit

The sole solace of Raavanan (Tamil) is that it’s a shade better than the Hindi version starring that Bollywood shaitan Abhishek Bachchan. Sure, it’s the same stupid, boring, unappealing, shallow story that you see in the Hindi version with nary a difference. It’s filmed in the same lush jungles too. Hey, that’s no surprise since […]

Raavan Review – Beastly Nonsense

Raavan Box Office: Disaster, Act of God, Pathetic Raavanan Review – Tamil Shit Better than Hindi Shit Somebody, please, please euthanize that moron Abhishek Bachchan tout de suite. And while we’re are at it, let’s pull the life-support plug on the other nincompoops too, i.e. Ash, Vikram and Mani Ratnam. For it’s this wicked quartet […]