The Yellow Sea – Don’t Miss this Bloody, Awesome Korean Crime Thriller

(** Attn U.S. Readers: The Yellow Sea is currently playing at select theaters in NYC, NJ, Skokie (IL), Cupertino (CA) and Los Angeles) ******************************* Yellow Sea Cast & Crew Director – Na Hong-jin Story/Screenplay – Na Hong-jin Actors – Jung-woo Ha, Yun-seok Kim ******************************* Given our insatiable lust for Korean crime films, it was preordained […]

Damn, Koreans Make Great Crime Movies

By size, South Korea is smaller than the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu (100,000 sq km vs 130,000 sq km). In terms of population, Tamil Nadu has 72-million people versus 49 million for South Korea. The Tamil film industry and its larger Bollywood sibling make scores of films every year, most of them unwatchable […]