Yeeks, America Turning Into India – 46m Americans Languish in Poverty

Who says unbridled, unregulated capitalism does not produce prosperity? Of course, unregulated capitalism produces prosperity. For a tiny sliver of the population – The Bankers, Lobbyists, Corporate Titans and the Politicians. As for the rest, let them eat grass. That’s what more and more Americans will be increasingly reduced to. We’ve already read reports of […]

Poor Bastards Numbers in America Hit Record High

Boy, it sure looks like our current country the United States of America is going the way of our former country India. The US Census released the poverty numbers today. And they are real UGLY. So bad that they are the highest since poverty estimates started 51 years back. There were 43.6 million people living […]

Why India Cries Out for a Million Dantewadas

Yippee, another attack at Dantewada. Great, just another 999,998 to go. Detest It, Hate It, Loath It * God, we hate the three-letter word Mao. * God, we hate the brute Mao who killed millions with his senseless policies that led to great famines and the upheavals of the Cultural Revolution. * God, we hate […]