Mardaani – Miracle! Indian Film No Stinky

Gentlemen, please key in your bids on the iPads for item #104 [a young girl up for sale]. 100% virgin. 100% pure. Guaranteed. – Scene from Mardaani Amid the stinking dungheap of crappy Bollywood movies, Mardaani stands out as an aberration. A rare Indian film that comes across as a breath of fresh air. All […]

Talaash Review – Not Unwatchable

(by Naveen) Aamir Khan must have shook hands with every single desi in Chicago while shooting for Dhoom 3. Nothing else explains the insanely long line that turned up for Talaash at the Regal Cantera last tonight. Never have I seen such a long line for an Indian movie at a mainstream American theater. Thanks […]