Gunday Review – False Labeling! Priyanka Unconvincing as Police Agent Nandita

If mislabeling was a criminal offense in Bollywood, Gunday producer Aditya Chopra’s sorry ass would be scraping jail floors right now for cheating the public en masse. I’ve seen many Chutiyas in Bollywood but none so brazen as Aditya Chopra (the non-steroid biceps, less retarded offspring of the late jalebiwallah Yash Chopra who strayed into Bollywood) […]

Ladies vs Ricky Bahl Review – OK, We Saw the Slut’s 34B Tits. Big Deal!

With each new movie, Anushka Sharma’s characters turn more sluttish. Bowing to gravity the top cover keeps slithering down, defying gravity the bottom vestments keep going up and demo’ing the geometric construction of an equilateral triangle the distance between the legs keep getting wider (during the dances). Hey, what gives? A short while ago, in […]