Attacks of 26/11 BO – Nobody Loves RGV

Folks, I have a question. Who finances this habitual failure Ram Gopal Varma’s films. Lately, the bozo has developed the reverse Midas touch. For a director making movies for nearly a quarter-century, RGV has been most unimpressive at the box office in recent years. The below box office numbers tell the sorry story of RGV’s […]

I Am a Thief, Brags Bollywood Chutia RGV

Southern loudmouth Ram Gopal Varma thinks stealing from Hollywood movies and then boasting about it is a badge of honor. Here’s the chutia RGV in his own words: When I made Sarkar….I copied scenes from Godfather. I copied lines from Godfather. I copied character traits from Godfather. Probably that I’ve did it [sic] including if […]

Telugu Loudmouth Gang Raped, Brutally

Indian movie critics have torn apart Telugu loudmouth Ram Gopal Varma’s latest film Department. Hello, is any one surprised? RGV has been making trash for so long that he’s now achieved the hitherto thought impossible – he makes tawdry Tollywood look respectful in contrast! Here take a look at the odium heaped on Department: Upper […]