Wanted Review – Unwanted Trash

Wanted, A Box Office Disaster A piece of junk. No less. Bollywood movie Wanted has none of the charm that made its Tamil ancestor Pokiri a watchable movie for us when it debuted in January 2007. Pokiri was tolerable for us because of South Indian hero Vijay’s decent efforts, some nice music and our desperation […]

Yuvvraaj Review – Shitty Copy of Rain Man

Stay away from Yuvvraaj. Just keep way from this dungheap of a movie that’s offensive beyond redemption. Rain Man (1988, Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise) is a great Hollywood classic, the winner of four Oscars. Yuvvraaj is an ugly, pitiful Bollywood copy of Rain Man that offers nothing but dollops of misery to unsuspecting moviegoers. Dustin […]

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