Kanthaswamy Review – Total Garbage

Machchi, kuppae da, kuppaeswamy padam idhu (hey buddy, this movie is trash). A wretched melange of an asinine story, shoddy acting and mediocre music, Kanthaswamy is a mind-numbing piece of trash that left us shell-shocked and reeling in horror at the infernal nonsense unfolding on the screen. Folks, at three hours this garbage is exactly […]

Thoranai Review – Vile Trash

Should a gaggle of rustic ambattans (barbers) suddenly decide to forsake their razors for the camera, the end result would be infinitely better than this grotesque abomination called Thoranai. Save the unsavory feat of shaving a few unwary souls of their money and time, Thoranai’s sole claim to fame is that the crappy movie marks […]

Americans Empty Bedpans Over Shriya Saran

American moviegoers emptied their overflowing bedpans over the head of ugly Bollywood and Kollywood actress Shriya Saran. A mediocre and unpretty actress, Shriya Saran will find it very hard to live down the humiliating rebuff from U.S. moviegoers to her Hollywood misadventure The Other End of the Line. Shriya’s ghastly English movie not only opened […]

Shriya Saran – Only Male in Kollywood

Is Shriya Saran the only ambalai (male), the only star with cojones, in the Tamil film industry. Under the guise of protesting the attacks against Tamils in Sri Lanka, the vekkaketta (shameless) members of the Tamil film industry has stooped so low as to tacitly kiss the derriere of the terrorist organization LTTE, the killers […]

Azhagiya Tamil Magan Review – Utter Garbage

Asingamana Tamil Magan would be a more apt name for this repellent farce of a movie featuring Vijay in a double role opposite the young Delhi girl Shriya Saran. Abomination Par Excellence Even in the long gone days of silent movies, film-makers would not dare to unleash an abomination like Azhagiya Tamil Magan on viewers. […]